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Global delivery: The right shore for you

With engineering and account support resources around the world, we work with our customers to craft the optimal engagement for them that best fits their particular comfort levels and project scenarios. Our global capability provides customers with the optimal combination of onsite and offshore resources to ensure consistent high quality, high value delivery.

Engagement models

Project Work

This model works best for clients whose strategic objective is to augment their in-house software development organization using an external partner. Building a dedicated ODC fully integrated with the in-house teams is best suited for firms that have a recurring stream of software development work, e.g. software product vendors, and are ready to make a strategic commitment to outsourcing.

Within DMD, ODCs operate with a high degree of autonomy from the rest of the company, with their dedicated physical space, networks, access, security, etc. We take IP protection very seriously, and our ODCs routinely pass stringent security audits by our customers.

The ODC approach offers certain advantages:

  • Knowledge retention, sharing and reuse
  • Shorter learning curve for new team members
  • Higher productivity and shorter time-to-market
  • Increased flexible in resource utilization (ramping teams up and down)

Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT)

As an option under an ODC agreement, we offer clients that are ultimately interested in setting up their own captive offshore/nearshore development operation the possibility of transferring the control over the dedicated ODC, after a predefined period of time and on predefined conditions.

Pricing Models

Different pricing models lend themselves to different circumstances. For example, a fixed-price approach works best in a project where the scope is clearly defined and is unlikely to change during implementation. For projects with more fluid requirements, where the customer has to respond to changing market conditions, Time and Materials (T&M) may be a better fit. ODC agreements usually employ some flavor of T&M pricing as well.

We offer the following pricing models (which can be augmented with additional conditions such as SLAs, Incentive Fees, etc.):

  • Fixed Price
  • Time and Materials (T&M)
  • T&M Not-to-Exceed
  • Cost-Plus
  • Fixed Budget


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