Mobile Development

Powerful and Engaging Apps for Consumer and Enterprise Markets

Digital Mind Development offers an end-to-end set of mobile development services for both consumer and enterprise markets. From mobile strategy, scalability or security consulting for the enterprise to mobile architecture design, UX/UI design, development and testing for all the major platforms using cutting edge frameworks and technologies, we are passionate about doing world class work that delights the customer.

Focus on product development

DMD has been always very successful at working with product companies. We have helped dozens of customers get their products to the market, sometimes supporting them the entire way from the initial concept through technology research, implementation and testing to final delivery.

Our analysts and consultants work closely with the customer’s team to help translate their product vision into a coherent roadmap and a manageable product backlog of specific features and functionality. Once the original idea has taken such a concrete form, it becomes much easier to quantify the required investment and the timeframe in which the product can hit the market.

UX Design

Today’s savvy mobile users expect applications to be highly engaging and fast. Apps that don’t offer a satisfying experience simply don't get any traction in the marketplace. DMD’s UX design services help customers envision, design and implement mobile applications that are intuitive, simple to use, and enjoyable. Simply put, we will help you build mobile applications people will actually use.

Our team keeps abreast of the leading trends in UX design and the most current guidelines from device manufacturers. We work extremely fast: the first mockups and wireframes will be done literally within a couple of days of first sitting down with the customer’s team to discuss their requirements. Soon after, we will produce a high-fidelity prototype that can be used for
evaluation purposes with key stakeholders. We can also perform expert usability testing of existing assets.

Our approach:

  • Strategic: We will work together to learn your business objective, research your target market, and evaluate your particular technical constraints, so that our designs can address your needs optimally.
  • Human-Centric: We pay close attention to human behavior and work with your users in mind, aiming to make their interaction with their devices seamless and immersive.
  • Simple:Awesome designs solve problems and make life easier, rather than create unneeded complexity. We approach our work with discipline and simplicity, and strive to keep things consistent, intuitive and reasonable for users.

Enterprise Mobility

Our comprehensive Enterprise Mobility services help guide clients through the entire lifecycle: from strategy and architecture to device management, application development, testing and support, we go through the process together with the clients to deliver effective end-to-end solutions.

What potential changes to your business processes and application infrastructure should be considered in designing your mobile solution? What middleware approach makes most sense for your current and future set of mobile applications? Which mobile client architecture suits your needs best: native, web, or hybrid? How will you control and protect your data? Our specialists will work with you to help answer these and many other questions to arrive at the optimal solution for your mobile needs.

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Architecture Selection

  • Native applications: best user experience and performance, most robust functionality, full access to device capabilities, best in offline mode
  • HTML5-based web applications: potentially significant degree of code reuse, easier support for multiple platforms, performance and UX inferior to native apps, deficiencies in offline capabilities
  • Hybrid applications: HTML5-based web apps wrapped in native containers; code reuse and cost savings compared to native, better access to native device capabilities than HTML5; while attractive, the approach is still immature

High-Level Architecture Design

  • MEAP
  • Custom middleware
  • Server-side business logic
  • Scalability

Mobile Device Management Strategy

  • Policy enforcement and compliance
  • Provisioning
  • Security
  • Application management
  • Mobile data management

Backend Integration

  • Web services development
  • Specific data storage
  • Authorization and security

Mobile Application Development, Testing and Deployment

  • Methodology: Agile best suited for incremental delivery and rapid deployment
  • Front-end technologies
    • Objective-C, iOS SDK
    • Java, Android SDK
    • AES Encryption


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