Adopting Agile for Maximum Impact and Velocity

Using Scrum as the Process Framework


Agile software development has become a frequently-used methodology for companies under intense pressure to meet the demands of savvy users and for effectively competing when their industries have been affected by the cloud, mobile, social technologies, Internet of Things and big data. In fact, current increased interest in Agile methodology is being linked to the digital transformation trend for some of the very same reasons it was originally developed: adaptable, responsive and fast.

Agile methods were designed to support continuous and quickly changing business requirements along with the evolution of the businesses themselves. The practice of Agile has continued to advance, even becoming an essential methodology in other corporate functions.

Scrum is a process framework often used to apply Agile methods. A specific set of iterative and incremental practices are used to increase productivity while keeping administrative overhead to a minimum and reducing the time it takes to deliver working software.

Recently, technology research firm Gartner introduced the Bi-modal approach, which introduces Agile to speed development of high quality and just-in-time technology in parallel with maintaining enterprise systems.

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