Java ЕЕ is one of the core technologies most demanded by our customers, and is therefore one of the best represented skill sets at DMD company. Our Java experts have delivered hundreds of projects ranging from small applications to very large enterprise systems comprising millions of lines of code. We have 100+ Java specialists in our ranks, including many certified by Sun Microsystems and other leading technology vendors like IBM and Oracle. Our Java teams are highly skilled in creating enterprise client-server, web-based, desktop and rich client applications.

In order to implement successful Java-based solutions, a strong knowledge of the Java programming language is not sufficient: you also need proficiency with other frameworks, components and libraries such as Spring, Hibernate, Seam, JSF, Struts2, GWT and others. Many of these are open source, which means that they are supported and constantly updated by hundreds of highly skilled professionals who continue to develop them to address various specific tasks. Being actively involved with the large global ecosystem of Java developers, we track these developments in order to remain abreast of new technologies and leverage them for our clients.

Building powerful and highly scalable JEE-based systems requires deep knowledge of EJB to tackle various tasks, from the development of separate components to maintaining the system’s heterogeneity. Our JEE experts are well versed in EJB and in configuring and customizing a variety of Java application servers, including Oracle WebLogic, JBoss, IBM WebSphere, OC4J, and Glassfish. We have extensive experience optimizing performance of enterprise systems based on the х86/х64 architecture, as well as on IBM pSeries and other clusters.

Security is an important aspect of enterprise systems development. Sun Microsystems offers a wide array of security tools, including JAAS, Java AC, and others. We have accumulated significant expertise in this area by working with healthcare companies, banks and other organizations with high security requirements.

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