Testing laboratory

Each company has been faced with the need to make regular changes to its software. Usually - these changes are associated with early mistakes, functionality's changes or extension, scaling, transferring to new platforms, etc. Usually, if product is interesting, there is a large number of users who wants to improve something in it, so developers have to release new versions of product. There is a well-known problem of any software project: sooner or later, testing and product support starts to eat up to 80% of the time and resources of product team. The only way to solve this problem - is increasing the productivity of development team. Our service provides such an opportunity.

Software Development

The hardest part of the process of releasing a new version - is to provide complete testing of new software version and fix any errors that might have occurred in updating process. We are doing exactly this thing but quickly. Customer fills in our FTP_server next release, which is needed to perform a complete regression of functional tests, also test the installation and deployment in a variety of operating systems and in a different technological environment. Usually, a small company are not able to do it efficiently on their own. Besides, they usually don't have sufficient equipment and competencies to carry out full-scale testing especially in a short time.

DMD' s competences

We know how to do it quickly and efficiently with full coverage of all possible software using precedent. As usual we present results for the next day, while a developer couil spend a week and more for testing. We have a number of own tools and developments, for acceleration of testing process, which are based on a know-how series and specially developed software.

Our main message

Our main message - we are accelerating release of the new product vercion, reducing testing time from 2 to 6 times (think about it - reducing test time is 6 times!). And one more, we do not need a detailed documentation about the product functionality cause we can create test cases in communication process, use the recorded video sequences and separate comments.

Test's result

  • Video report of the test runs;
  • General report (summary);
  • The report of test status;
  • A detailed report;

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