Healthcare. Training simulator for hands motor activity: purpose.

Hardware-software complex designed for research the influence of gamification on medical techniques effectiveness which are aimed at functional recovery of hand motor function of patients undergoing with various forms of central nervous system damage like a stroke or brain injury. In some cases, these lesions lead to problems even with simple hand movements. A group Krasnoyarsk State Medical University scientists conducted a research series in testing of various remediation techniques by using this complex. Experiments have confirmed the high efficiency of recovery methods whith simulator. In project course, we developed an application that works with virtual reality trackers and manipulators, which are used to enter in the exact coordinates data system and orientation of the hand and fingers. Prototype training complex allows you to display some simple finger and hand movements by computer game management. Due to involuntary patient involvement in game context of training movement gives enhanced recovery effect.

Complex possibility

  • Calibration of the sensors
  • Compensation floating sensor parameters
  • Display in the hands of invariant model
  • Recognition of movement patterns
  • Display patterns in the program management commands
  • Motion detection by using a special glove as well as by a camera

Data Management & Analytics

Healthcare institutions today are in possession of vast amount of data that results from deployment and usage of EHR systems. Analytics and data management can drive vast improvements in patient care and provider efficiencies if the available data is properly organized and normalized. We have been helping our clients in aggregating and unifying their data sources and have been providing data analytics for research and operational purposes.

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