Cloud Computing

According to industry analysts, in the near future the vast majority of all software products and solutions will be delivered as SaaS. The global shift of IT to the cloud is tectonic in its scale; however, not all service providers are equally well equipped with the necessary cloud skills and expertise to help enterprises with the transition.

Digital Mind Developmentā€™s expert software engineers can design and build cloud-optimized solutions that take full advantage of the key characteristics of cloud computing platforms. We help clients develop a cloud-optimized application strategy for longer-term, higher-impact cloud deployments while staying aware of and taking into account the costs and risks associated with the new application architectures.

In delivering solutions for our clients, our experts follow the principles and the best practices and patterns of cloud-optimized application design, including horizontal scalability, fault tolerance, high performance, efficiency and ease of interoperability, and others. Our developers and architects maximize the potential of the cloud services by utilizing event-driven and parallel programming, and other tools such as the actor model. We constantly keep track of the popular programming frameworks like Spring, Rails and Node.js that are continually evolving to support cloud-optimized development.

Expert Cloud Services

  • Cloud strategy consulting
  • Cloud architecture audit
  • Migration of legacy applications to cloud environments
  • Development of cloud-hosted, cloud-optimized and cloud-native solutions
  • Comprehensive solution testing
  • Platform selection and cost optimization

Platforms & Technologies

  • Amazon EC2
  • Windows Azure
  • VMware


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