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We understand the hypercompetitive nature of our industry and we take nothing for granted. At Digital Mind Development we specialize in serving the most demanding clients and consistently delivering quality software based applications and products. We differentiate ourselves by recruiting high caliber software developers and experienced project managers, and developing the infrastructure and processes necessary to create and foster a highly collaborative engineering-driven culture.

We’ve developed a cadre of highly skilled and experienced senior managers that understand technology at a very fundamental level. We are technology agnostic, we’re not prescriptive, at least not before we have taken the time to fully understand the business objectives, potential risks, desired outcomes, and your operating environment. Ultimately what separates us from the competition is our unwillingness to accept the status quo, our deep commitment to our people and our clients.

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What Our Clients Say

  • We want to express our deep gratitude to Digital Mind Development team for fast and high quality work on project implementation. I want to mention properly structured system of communication with the customers. Together, we went all the way from idea to its final realization. As a result, we got exactly what we needed. - AstraZeneca Farmaceuticals, Dmitry Kolotev, CTO
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