Data visualisation

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Program complex "data visualization system" is a convenient, easy-to-learn tool for automating staff informing process as well as monitoring of industrial and other processes at any production or social structure. Program will reduce the time of creation and processing information bulletins, statistical and analytical units, output of any actual information about production equipment status, notification and providing information in the most convenient readable form.


DVS system allows for continuous broadcasting of performance indicators in real time. Based on the experience of the leading European and Japanese production enterprises, this method of informing staff allows to fully implement principles of modern production control.


DVS system is complemented with the possibility of data entry from web and ip-cameras in the server component. That's why our product could be used in monitoring. Broadcast video stream going through the Internet to any TV geographically remote device that is running Windows XP / 7/8 operating system. Data visualization system allows you to display data in the form of widgets, charts and diagrams related to the description of non-visual object surveillance parameters in parallel with the video stream.


"Data visualization system" could be used in halls, showrooms and art installations design as controlling the output video system. Due to creation data output scenarios capabilities, provide simultaneous output of independent video directly on many screens, you can create high-impact presentations and deduce data on the display wall. The client device with a large screen can be connected to the server through the channels online, even using relatively slow wi-fi channel, making the product convenient tool for the design of exhibitions and presentations.

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