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«Red Eye» system main controller. The photo shows the controller in Ethernet + GSM version, which allows to send information to «Red Eye» System server channel GSM / 2G + in case of rupture of the Ethernet -. Channel connection to the server.

Basic controller

  • The compact layout of the elements;
  • Industrial design;
  • Programmable interfaces;
  • Linux operating system;
  • Processor family ARM Cortex A8 1.2 GHz;
  • 256-512 MB of RAM;
  • Disk SD 256-2000 mbar;
  • MicroSD;
  • Vydeovyhody HDMI standard, DVI, VGA;
  • 8 inputs 0-20 mA;
  • RS-232;
  • RS-485;
  • USB 2.0;
  • Dual CAN interface;
  • Ethernet;
  • 1-wire;
  • 6 relay 10A 220V with a current measurement for each channel;
  • GSM / GPRS module;

Completeness of the main controller (can be shortened to reduce cost):

  • Internet connection: Ethernet (RJ-45), GSM (2G +)
  • Communication interfaces: CAN, 1-wire, RS232, RS485, USB
  • HDMI video output
  • Relay box for controlling the terminal equipment - 6 units (220V x 10A)
  • Temperature range -40 ... + 80 Co

Completeness of satellite controllers:

  • 2-5 different sensors
  • Communication interfaces: CAN, RF, 1-wire


  • Controller: Linux, software for controlling the controller
  • Web Server: The application "Data visualization system" - read data from the main controller, storage, display at a predetermined refresh rate, an interactive mode (different aggregation levels for the projects), the configurator display: schemes drawing, selection and customization of widgets to display data configurator mode notifications, binding of new controllers, new monitoring objects. In the process - creation of the terminal equipment management rules.

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