In process of expansion of business and increasing competition on the market the majority of small and medium-sized businesses have the need to increase production efficiency, reduce and unit costs. Increasing the efficiency of production processes is attained through the introduction of MES on facility. MES-systems occupy an intermediate position between the systems of process control (SCADA / DCS systems) and enterprise resource planning systems. The big problem for small and medium-sized businesses is cost of most ERP and MES solutions, which calls into question the implementation feasibility. Unlike most universal systems, our solution allows you to implement MES in any production facility and not plunging business in excessive spending. At the same time only in the standard delivery of our solution has all the features you need most for effective production control.

How We Can Help

Digital Mind Development is a specialist provider of MES solutions, possessing both the domain expertise and the deep technical understanding of the unique requirements of each facility.

Our solution can be supplemented by specialized production planning functions, HR management, maintenance management and repair of equipment, etc. Is possible to integrate MES at communication level with the existing information systems at the enterprise

  • Enter the details of data on manufacturing orders
  • Registration and entry of data about staff activity
  • Registration of data about equipment status
  • Preparing the production reports and charts
  • Storage and backup of production data
  • Support work shifts graphics
  • Tracking Product Genealogy
  • Various forms of alerts and warnings of outages and equipment malfunctions
  • Production data analysis on machine operation and tools

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